CV and research

I am an associate professor of political science at the Center for War s200_olivier.schmittStudies, University of Southern Denmark. My full CV (including forthcoming publications) is available here.

My next book is forthcoming with Georgetown UP in 2018 and is entitled “Allies that Count: Junior Partners in Coalition Warfare”. While research has established why and how junior partners are interested in joining a coalition, the literature is silent on the conditions that make these contributions useful, or counter-productive. I argue that there are two distinct, albeit mutually reinforcing, causal paths to utility; the first is the standing of the state joining the intervention, and the second is the combination of integration and quality of its armed forces. The book challenges the conventional wisdom about coalition-building in the post-Cold War era by arguing that in coalition warfare, having more partners in the coalition is not necessarily better. The legitimacy and military effectiveness of a multinational military intervention is not automatically improved when more junior partners are contributing to it.

I am also editing a book on the international thought of the French philosopher Raymond Aron and co-authoring a book on French defence policy, both forthcoming with Routledge in 2018.

I am currently conducting research in three areas:

  • the transformations of French defense policy and their impact on European and transatlantic security.
  • professional learning and knowledge diffusion in security organizations
  • Russia’s assertive foreign policy and its consequences on the international system

Please contact me for any other information.

schmitt (at)